Acupuncture Care

Acute Care: 

Most patients begin acupuncture treatment to receive quick relief from pain, discomfort, and other symptoms. This is Acute Care. The practitioner will treat your major complaints and harmonize your condition. Frequent visits over the next few weeks or months may be needed to further reduce your symptoms, depending on your condition, age, lifestyle, and the quality and quantity of your energy (Qi). After acute care, you can notice that your aches, pains, and other symptoms are dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Maintenance Care: 

After acute care, the next phase is Maintenance Care. The symptoms and signs disappear, and visits are less frequent. This phase maintains and supports the changes you have achieved and provides a foundation for deeper healing. This is also the time when underlying problems can be addressed.  Even though you may not be experiencing symptoms, it is important to continue to strengthen, build and support your body. Stopping care now could disrupt the progress you have already achieved. Even simple activities could cause a relapse.

Wellness and Preventative Care: 

This is the next phase of care where visits may be monthly, or quarterly. These periodic maintenance visits further strengthen your body’s resistance, keeping you healthy, balanced and potentially free from illness. Little problems may be caught before they become major concerns.

An acupuncture lifestyle combined with regular exercise, a healthy diet and other good habits can keep you looking, feeling, and performing at your best.